Tuesday, December 02, 2008

5th Annual Living Thanksgiving Feast

This year’s “Living Thanksgiving Feast” was filled with love, laughter, great food, and wonderful conversation. Each year my family and I are joined by the raw food community in our home to celebrate Thanksgiving. Each year I am blessed with generosity, warm wishes, and the essence of what this holiday is about. We had lots of volunteers giving generously of their time, more volunteers for which we had tasks. And the food…..we had an abundant variety of raw food dishes. The creativity and craftsmanship of each dish demonstrated that it was made with love.

More photos.

My family and I considered not hosting Thanksgiving this year, because we have a two month old and a toddler, making it more difficult to prepare the house and the food for the event. However, I am very thankful that we decided to hold the event. With our extra volunteers and people bringing raw food dishes we all had a grand feast, marking our 5th year of holding our “Living Thanksgiving Feast”. When we started this event 5 years ago, we were surprised by the out pouring of love and generosity of the raw food community. We were not the only ones who desired a Raw Food Thanksgiving and the raw food community not only blessed us with their presence at our event, but contributed to its warmth and of course to the feast itself. This tradition continued this year thanks to the many volunteers, those that brought raw food dishes, and all who attended bringing their warmth and love. Thank you all for making this a beautiful raw food Thanksgiving!

Attached are photos from the food preparation and the event itself. The photos keep pouring in to our email as well as the appreciation. I will share all so you can get a sense of some of the highlights of the event. The words of other sometimes describe the highlights and the warmth of the raw food community better than I could describe them.

Dear Helen and Jeff
Thanksgiving was wonderful! Thank you for including me on your invitation list. As a like-minded community, we all somehow feel like "family." So thanks for having the family over!
Jeff, you are an amazing chef. My favorites this year were your vegetable casserole with the soft sweet onions, the pumpkin pie which was perfectly seasoned (it was better than any cooked pumpkin pie!), the chocolate nibs pie, the zesty tahini dressing, and your amazing carrot/beet sauerkraut! It was a wondrous feast!

Hi Helen,
Thank you for the extensive effort and energy that You and Jeff contributed to the Best Raw Living Thanksgiving feast I've experienced! Especially based on the reality of your situation with the significant work increase for Jeff and distraction of having two children to take care of. That was tough to pull off. I hope you had help with clean up.

Hi Helen,
It was amazing yesterday as usual, the wonderful hospitality that you, Jeff and Margaret share! Thank you again for your hard work, thoughtfulness, essence, beautiful food etc.

Hi Helen,
Thanks, again, for hosting Thanksgiving and providing a family for those without. It's always such a pleasure to be in company of the Rose's.

Jeff and Helen,
Thank you again for having us over, we had a fabulous time! We felt like we were at a family gathering. We’ve missed everyone so deeply.

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