Monday, July 24, 2017

Pumpkin Seed Pesto over Zucchini Noodles, Raw, Vegan, Gluten-free

Summer picnics and cooling summer salads are a perfect combination.  Add this recipe to your tradition and be the hit at the family picnic.  I first made a large bowl of  this salad for a friend's outdoor wedding shower fifteen years ago and it was the 1st bowl/platter empty on the buffet.  As one of the only vegetarians there I was lucky to get up there and get some before it was gone.  I've enhanced the recipe a bit since then, so enjoy this popular salad.  If you have a garden with zucchini, this is an excellent way to use up some of the harvest.  Your friends and family looking for gluten-free options will love you for this.

 by Helen Rose, Raw Food Chef, Superfoods Cafe

Pumpkin Seed Pesto:
2 cloves of Garlic, (peel, crush slightly, and then roughly chop)
2 cups packed fresh Basil Leaves
½ cup green Pumpkin Seeds,  raw  (do not used toasted)
1/3 cup of Nutritional Yeast
1/3 cup of stone crushed Olive Oil
1 Lemon juiced
Pinch of Red Pepper flakes
Pink Himalayan Salt to taste Zucchini Noodles
3 large Zucchini
1 pint Cherry Tomatoes (halved)
Fresh Basil Leave, for garnishing

  1. To prepare the pesto: In a high speed blender, combine garlic, basil, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, lemon juice and red pepper flakes. Blend until smooth and season with salt to taste.  Make sure it is smooth.   Note:I sometimes double or triple my pesto recipe and freeze some for making quick dishes.  It is quick to thaw and can be used on zucchini noodles, kelp noodles, in dressing and sauces, on top of sliced tomatoes (thinned down), and in my pesto canapĂ© recipe.
  2. To prepare the noodles: Use a kitchen slicer by World Cuisine to slice the zucchini into linguini size noodles.  Toss the zucchini with pest until well coated.
  3. Add in the sliced cherry or grape tomatoes for color and cut basil leaves into thin strips to garnish the dish.  Refrigerate or serve.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Spicy Walnut Burritos, Raw Vegan

This vegan walnut meat has been a hit at the Annual Chili Cook Off in my town each year.  I easily convert this taco meat into chili with mixing the salsa into the taco meat. In a sea of serious meat lovers, I offer my meat alternative chili and get them excited and amazed at how wonderful vegan chili can be.   Many people that stop by my booth don't even realize it is vegan, let alone raw vegan.  They love it and bring over friends to try it.  The vegetarians in the crowd are always over the top delighted to find something that can eat and end up buying some to take home.  This became so popular at the Chili Cook Off that we added it to our main menu.  Now you can celebrate year round.  Prepare.  Eat. Enjoy.

Spicy Walnut Burritos, Raw Vegan
By Helen Rose, Raw Food Chef, Superfoods Cafe

Walnut Taco Meat: (makes 4 servings)
2 cups of walnuts  (the red walnut make the best color)
1 1/2 Tbs. cup Nama Shoyu
2 Tbs. Ground Cumin
2 Tbs. Stone Crushed Olive Oil
1 tsp Smoked Paprika
1 clove of Garlic
1 tsp of Chili Powder

1. Soak walnuts for 6 hours. Drain.
2. Put 1 cups of nuts and spices into food processor.  Pulse nuts to crumbly consistency.
3. Put into a bowl and add remaining walnuts.  Mix well.   Note: You can double the recipe, it freezes OK.

Salsa Topping:
3 Tomatoes (chopped small)
1/2 Red Bell Pepper (chopped small)
1/4 red onion (diced)
4 stalks of Cilantro
1 juiced Lime

1. Mix all chopped up ingredients into a bowl and mix in the lime juice.  Chill.

Use one large romaine leaf, collard leaf or tortilla and two scoops of walnut taco meat and then add your salsa topping. If you are serving on a tortilla add romaine. 

Written by Helen Rose, town mentioned above is Mount Airy Maryland. The town closes Main Street to host one of the locations for the International Chili Cook Off. 

Camu Camu Berries

There's a new Brazilian superstar fruit in town. Camu camu is becoming increasingly popular as a health supplement for its supposed antioxidant properties. But is there something to this rain forest fruit or is it just about the hype?

This isn't a fruit you'll find on a tree or bush in your neighborhood: camu camu mostly grows in flooded areas of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, where its fruits and leaves are used for medicinal purposes. Its fruits are about the same size as a lemon, but light orange in color, and full of vitamin C. 

Vitamin C
Camu camu is chock full of vitamin C.  A teaspoon of camu camu powder has 920% per cent of your recommended daily intake for vitamin C, which is important for gum health, among other functions in our body.

How To Take It
Adding a ¼ tsp of camu camu powder to any smoothie will work great.  However, I have found it works best with citrus such as orange, pineapple, or lemon, but it goes well with all berries as well.

Four years ago I was feeling a sinus infection coming on and I decided I needed to quickly stop it before I got any further, so I created this smoothie and it works for my and my customers every year.  It is one of the most popular smoothies in my cafe year round.

Super C Orange Creamsicle
by Helen Rose, Raw Food Chef, Superfoods Cafe

1 whole orange (peel and freeze orange in 4 qtr. pieces)
¼ tsp vanilla powder
¼ tsp camu camu powder
12 oz of Raw Almond Milk or similar milk.

Place in blender and blend until smooth.  Add sweetener if you need it.  Add ice if you want it more chilled.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Raw Vegan Crab Cakes

Summer is known for clam bakes, steamed crabs and fresh seafood from the ocean.  When you're vegan sometimes you miss the foods your grew up with.  For me, as a Marylander, I started eating steamed crabs
next to my dad at age 5.  He taught me all the tips and trick.  It was usually a big family social event at the shore with piles of crabs and lots of spice.  Sometimes I miss all that spice.  I researched a way that I can have the best of both worlds raw vegan crab cakes... I can't wait to share these with my dad and family.  I hope you enjoy.  Have an awesome summer!


Crab Cakes
  • 2 1/2 cups zucchini, peeled, shredded and cut into 1/2 inch pieces
  • 1/2 cup Brazil nuts, finely ground
  • 1/2 cup golden flax seeds, (grind into a powder using a small blander or coffee grinder)
  • 1 small sweet yellow onion
  • 1/4 cup celery, finely minced
  • 3 Tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 2 1/2 tsp dulse flakes
  • 1/4 cup dill, fresh, minced
  • 3/4 tsp mustard seed powder
  • 1/2 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1/2 tsp Himalayan crystal salt
  • 1/2 tsp lemon zest
  • For those that are Marylander's and love Old Bay skip the paprika, mustard seed and salt. and add  2 tsp. of Old Bay.
Wasabi Mayonnaise


  1.  Add all the ingredients for mayonnaise into your blender, in the listed order. Blend until smooth and then set aside.
  2. Peel and julienne the zucchini in a food processor (if available) then cut into 1/2 inch pieces. Place in towel and pat dry.
  3. Place zucchini into a large bowl and gently toss with Brazil nut meal and flax meal.
  4. Add remaining ingredients to bowl and gently mix together. Handle your mixture gently and quickly so it does not become too wet.
  5. Use 1/4 cup of mixture to create small cakes about 1 inch deep.  I use a measuring cup or a biscuit cutter to get a nice round shape.
  6. Place the cakes on a mesh dehydration sheet and set at 110 degrees for 5 hours.
  7. Place on a bed of your favorite greens. Serve with your Wasabi Sauce or dab some on top of each crab cake when you serve.
By Helen Rose, Raw Food Chef, Superfoods on Main, a Vegetarian Cafe in Mount Airy Maryland.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Chocolate Fantasy Pie, Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Chocolate Fantasy Pie
by Jeff & Helen Rose, Raw Food Chefs
Jeff is the Owner of Natural Zing
Helen is the Owner of Superfoods on Main (Vegetarian cafe in Mount Airy Maryland)

1/2 c Cashews

1 1/2 c Almonds
1 1/2 c Dates, pitted

1. Blend nibs, coconut oil, cashews
and vanilla bean in a high-powered
blender. Use a spatula to work mixture
into blade. As the mixture warms
up, it will blend together.
2. Add agave and blend briefly until
mixed. Pour into crust, smooth with
spatula. Refrigerate or freeze for 3

Blend nuts and dates in a food
processor well. Press into pie plate

Chocolate Sauce
1/8 tsp Sea Salt
1. Blend all ingredients in a blender,

Friday, May 26, 2017

Your Guide to a Raw Memorial Day Weekend!

Natural Zing Salad Trio
We have put together a great raw guide to celebrating a healthy & happy memorial day weekend! Enjoy!....
Now is the season for fresh fruits & vegetables to be harvested - create salads with whatever organic vegetables are in season (right now it's strawberries, spinach, & swiss chard),  & available at your local farmers market or even in your own garden. We created a trio of fresh salads with such simple & delicious dressings as lemon juice, Bariani Olive Oil, & sea salt.  Try substituting the olive oil for other kinds of oils such as hemp seed oil - which has a delicious nutty flavor & is great on any salad. The arugula, sprouts & veggies are all grown on the Natural Zing farm!

Or use them in your favorite juice concoctions. Try to start each morning with a green juice or smoothie for an alkalized treat. Can also experiment adding any of our fruit, nut, protein, plant or algae powders for extra nourishment!

Another great idea for a sweet treat is an iced Rawchoclatl . Add this delicious mix to your favorite nut milk over ice and enjoy the spicy twist on an iced cacao drink! Can also blend if you prefer more of a chocolate spice smoothie. These can also be frozen and enjoyed as pops while you're laying poolside - and enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend.

The sandwich that goes well with any long weekend - One of the best tasting we've found is The Big Matt with Cheese as featured in Rawvolution by Matt Amsden.

•½ tablespoon of Ketchup (see recipe below)
•2 to 3 leaves of a lettuce of your choice
•One 4 ¾ inch square piece of Onion Bread (see recipe below) cut diagonally into two triangles
•1 thin slice of yellow onion
•1 tablespoon Sunflower Seed Cheese (see recipe below)
•1 burger patty (see recipe below)
•5 to 6 slices of raw, organic pickles
•2 thick tomato slices
•½ tablespoon stone-ground mustard
Spread the Ketchup and mustard on separate pieces on the Onion Bread then, stack the remaining ingredients in between.
I used to work in the town where a well-known brand of ketchup is made. It smelled so rank, I vowed never to eat ketchup again. Then; I came up with this recipe.
•¾ cup blended tomato
•⅛ cup Nama Shoyu or Tamari
•⅛ cup agave nectar
•2 to 3 garlic cloves, peeled
•1 to 1 ½ cups sun-dried tomatoes
In a high-speed blender, combine all of the ingredients and blend until smooth.

A delicious, soft flat bread that you won’t believe is made using only five ingredients.
•1 large yellow onion
•2 cups ground flax
2 cups ground sunflower seeds
3/4 cup Nama Shoyu or Tamari
3/4 cups olive oil
Peel and halve the onions. In a food processor, cut the onions using the slicing blade. Transfer the cut onions to a mixing bowl, add the remaining ingredients, and mix until the ingredients are thoroughly combined.
Evenly spread 1 ½ cup of the mixture on a dehydrator tray with a Teflex sheet. Dehydrate at 100° for 36 hours, removing the Teflex sheet after the first 24 hours. Once dehydrated, cut into 9 equal pieces (2 cuts horizontally; 2 cuts vertically.)

A thick, spreadable cheese that is as versatile as it is tasty.
•½ cup fresh lemon juice
•½ cup Nama Shoyu or Tamari
•4-5 garlic cloves, peeled
•2 ¾ cups very finely ground sunflower seeds
In a high-speed blender, combine all of the ingredients, adding the sunflower seeds last. Thoroughly blend, until the resulting cheese is smooth and uniform.

•1 ½ cups soaked almonds (3 to 4 hours)
•1 ½ cups soaked walnuts (3 to 4 hours)
•1 ½ cups soaked sunflower seeds (3 to 4 hours)
•2 ½ cups chopped Portobello mushrooms marinated lightly in Nama Shoyu or Tamari.
•1 diced yellow onion
3 cups chopped celery
½ bunch chopped parsley, stems removed
10 garlic cloves, minced
1/3 cup olive oil
⅛ cup whole cumin seed
1 cup Nama Shoyu or Tamari
½ bunch chopped tarragon, stems removed
½ teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)

Form the mixture by hand into round patties approximately ½-inch thick and 2 ¾-inches in diameter.

Assorted salads like the one featured in Natalia's Pure Pleasures are an ultimate crowd pleaser! We liked her Rainbow Slaw with Chipotle Mayo. Here's what she had to say about it below:

Rainbow Slaw with Chipotle Mayo

I love any version of a cole slaw. This one combines a rainbow of fresh veggies to nourish all of your chakras. The mayo has a mild heat to suit a sensitive palate like mine, so feel free to add more chipotle for those who like a real kick! Serves 8.
Chipotle Mayo

1 cup raw sunflower seeds, soaked 4-6 hours, drained, rinsed
•3/4 cup cold-pressed olive oil
•1/3 cup pure water
•1/4 cup lime juice
•3 cloves of garlic
•1 teaspoon ground chipotle
•1 teaspoon Himalayan salt
•1 teaspoon cumin
•1/2 teaspoon coriander

Place all ingredients except olive oil in a high-speed blender. Blend until creamy. Add the olive oil last with the blender running until just combined.
Rainbow Slaw

•5 cups finely shredded cabbage
•11/2 cups shredded carrot
•1 cup red & yellow bell pepper, julienned
•3/4 cup red onion, cut into very thin strips
•1/4 cup chopped cilantro leaves, well packed

Toss all of your veggies in a very large bowl. Pour the mayo over the slaw & mix very well! Enjoy!

Quinoa Tabbouleh as featured in Ani's Raw Food Essentials

Makes 2 cups.

•1/2 cup sprouted Quinoa
•1/2 cup diced cucumber
•2 green sliced onions
•1/2 cup seeded & finely diced red bell pepper
•1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley
•1/4 cup chopped fresh mint

•2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
•2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
•1/4 teaspoon sea salt

To make the tabbouleh, place all the tabbouleh ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix well. To make the dressing, whisk together all the dressing ingredients. Set aside. To serve, divide among four serving bowls, & serve with a side of dressing.

Enjoy the recipes & have a rawsome holiday weekend with friends &; family! Love, Natural Zing.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Goji Mango Smoothie

This delicious smoothie combines the wonderful sweet and thick creaminess of mango and the tangy vibrancy of goji berries.   A tropical smoothie with the benefits of a powerful superfruit known for longevity.

Goji Mango Smoothie

3/4 C. Mango (I prefer using Natural Zing Dried Mango and soaking it for 1 hr to get it soft...use 2 to 3 slices)
1 Banana (I prefer frozen).
1/2 C. Goji Berries (I prefer to soak them for 1 hr.)
2 Tbs. Sunflower Protein Powder
1/4 tsp. Camu Camu Powder

Put all ingredient in a high speed blender.  Add filtered water up to the 24 oz mark then blend.  Add ice as need to thicken.

Note: Using Raw Almond Milk instead of water makes it even more creamy and increases the protein level.