Friday, February 06, 2009

Peruvian Sundried Olives Salt-Free are BACK in STOCK!!!

The much loved and waited for Sundried Peruvian Uncured Olives are back!

So rare is it to find a salt free rare is it that you find such an amazing tasting rare is it that you find such a nutritious olive. This olive is for olive lovers. If you've never tried is like bitter chocolate, but once you eat them for a while you are hooked forever.

These are raw organic sundried peruvian unsalted black olives from Peru. Nothing but the raw olive which had not been cured, no salt added. Peruvian raw olives from the tree, sundried and placed in a jar. This is a premium sundried organic olive grown on the coastal desert plains of southern Peru. Ecologically cultivated, hand-picked & packed with extraordinary care, giving you a healthier choice that tastes the way nature intended. These delicious naturally sun-cured, sun-dried raw organic olives will complement your culinary creations.

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