Monday, November 09, 2009

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic

New lower priced Coconut Oil available!

Coconut Oil by Chefbliss

Ever since I started making raw desserts I have only used the QFI Brand Virgin Oil De Coco Creme coconut oil. It was the only one that gave me consistent results. People always asked and still do, How do you make your pies and ice creams taste so good? I tell them the ingredients, usually only 5 and they say mine never turn out like yours. I tell them about quality of ingredients. Your creations will only ever be as good as the ingredients in them. If I am preparing things for raw potlucks, cooked friends and relatives I always make absolutely sure I have the best ingredients. That is one of the main missions of Natural Zing, to only sell the best quality products. For the most part we have achieved that, we sell what we want to eat. Why should we sell what we would not consume ourselves?

For the last 6 years we have only sold one type of coconut oil. Yes, it is one of the most expensive brands out there. I have not been happy with any other brand (until now). I have tried coconut oil from many many places over the years. The coconut oil in most Natural Markets is usually "other than" the best ever. Now we have sourced a high quality organic coconut oil from Mexico and it is available at very reasonable prices. Let your holiday creations flow with our new coconut oil. There are many benefits of coconut oil. It is one of the best things to have readily available in every kitchen.

In addition to our great raw organic vegan pies and ice cream we sometimes spread coconut oil on flax crackers. My 3 yr old son actually will ask for coconut oil on his crackers (he doesn't know what butter is and has never seen or tasted it). Buy coconut oil for your friends and relatives. Let your cooked food friends know to use coconut oil for stir frying, on popcorn or as a butter replacement. Currently it is available in 15.5 oz and 1 gallon sizes. If you need ideas for pies and ice cream, send Natural Zing an email and I will send you some of my favorites that are surely to please everyone.



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