Peach Pie (raw pie)

Peach Pie

2 Peaches
1/2 c Coconut Oil
1/2 c Cashews
1 Vanilla Bean, scraped
or vanilla powder
1 Dash of Salt
1/4 c Agave Nectar

1 c Brazil Nuts
1 c Dates
1 c Banana Chips

1. Prepare crust by blending nuts and
dates in a food processor.
2. Press crust into pie plate using wax
paper or your hands.
3. Blend Filling ingredients in a food
processor or high-powered blende, pour
into crust and decorate.


Anonymous said…
why are there two fillings, I don't get it. Also should the nuts be soaked and for how long, it doesn't say.
Unknown said…
I'm guessing from the looks of the second list of ingredients that it is for a Pecan Pie. Bon Appetite!
Helen said…
My apologies, the second filling is for a pecan pie. I'll take it out and add that pie to the blog as well.