Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Natural Zing Product Review Contest

Write a review of one of our products and win a Natural Zing gift certificate!

Your experience and knowledge of our products could help someone to make a great buying decision. Please share your insight with us and friends of Natural Zing!
To help us get started, we would appreciate if our customers could provide us with a product review on our website or on their website/blog. The reviews will be placed in a prize drawing for a chance to win a $50 Natural Zing Gift Certificate.

Contest ends March 26th.

You can begin by logging onto your account on our website (www.NaturalZing.com), going to the product page, scrolling down and clicking the review button on the bottom of the page.

Any reviews that appear on your website/blog, please email Natural Zing a link to post by e-mailing: Helen@NaturalZing.com.
Thank you!


Sophia Sutton said...

I absolutely LOVE your totally raw cashews. They are so fresh and alive tasting...nothing like the ones in the bulk section of the natural foods store I go to. I am hooked and will never go back. Not only does Natural Zing offer some of the finest raw foods online and at (mostly) reasonable prices, but I love how they sometimes offer free products with your order of a certain amount. I received a quart of raw Nama Shoyu free with my order. That's like a $20. value. That was so cool. Thanks so much and I really love doing business with you.
Sophia Sutton

Helen said...

Thanks Sophia. We appreciate your support.

Anonymous said...

If we do more than one review, does that give us multiple entries, or is it just one entry per customer?

Helen said...

Each review will be an entry into the contest. So review away!!!! Thank you!