Friday, April 02, 2010

"Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush"

When I was a child, I loved to skip around to that nursery song with my friends. Although I had no idea what a mulberry was at the time, it was fun.

I never had the chance to try one until I reached the age of adulthood (although still a kid at heart). Unfortunately, my first taste of them was not at all what I expected. Therefore, it took a bit for me to jump for joy (don't worry; it resulted in the happy dance) when I first received some mulberries from Natural Zing in the mail.

It's a good thing I opted to sample them again (by themselves and on top of the pudding pictured in this post; I even blended some into it), as they totally changed my perception of them back to the happy thoughts of my childhood. Maybe their storage/shipping methods kept them fresher, but whatever it was, these mulberries were delicious and nutritious, too (check out the nutritional facts on this page).

It seems I'm not alone. Here are two product reviews from the Natural Zing site:

Carlos Triplin said, "I absolutely love these things. I consumed them with the utmost haste."

And, Marina Kharitonova added, "These mulberries are beyond delicious! They are probably my favorite product on this site. I add them to granola, but mostly just gobble them up as a snack. I really have to restrain myself because they have the perfect texture and sweetness."

Both reviewers gave the product 5 stars.

This time of year, when there's candy all around us, mulberries make a yummy substitute, as well as Natural Zing's selection of other dried fruits like goji berries, currants, dried figs, raisins, Incan "golden" berries and dried mangos. You're sweet tooth may also enjoy the lucuma and yacon slices. I know I do :-)

A fun project you can do with dried or fresh fruit is to string them into "nature's candy necklace," like I did on my site. Just be careful to have an adult do it for the younger children, as it involves using a needle. It's a fresh take on another fun childhood treat. Enjoy!

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