Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New technology is a blessing and a headache

New technology is a blessing and a headache.  Our current newsletter system has been adding new technology to automate emails, connect with various social network systems, and utilizing feeds from blogs, etc.  However, this new technology can be overwhelming.  I have to admit that I am overwhelmed and feel like I can not control  it half the time, causing duplicates to be sent, sometimes it picks up feeds that have already been sent (promotions that have past), and other errors. Some subscribers to our news have contacted me with concerns that they are receiving too many emails.  I apologize.  I am doing my best to determine what is happening and reducing the emails that go out to all of you without delaying emails that are time sensitive like monthly specials.  Again I apologize and I am working to minimize the errors in our system and keep our emails to once a week.

The good news is that we are working with some of the latest technologies and I am committed to making them work for us and you.  We are writing more recipe articles and other articles that we hope you find enjoyable.  Overtime I hope that you will be happy with our communications and look forward to them in whichever way you prefer to receive them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,

I appreciate your message. Most of us have been in the same position dealing with technology, or just something new, and appreciate what you're doing. You'll learn more about the systems as you go, as we are doing with healthy and compassionate lifestyles.

Helen said...

Thank you. I love when technology can give us more opportunities and better ways to communicate. Sometimes there is a learning curve to weed out what does not work well or how to using it efficiently.

Anonymous said...

I certainly appreciate your efforts!! Keeping up with technology today, in the way that you're attempting to, is an admirable FEAT! I have absolutely LOVED Shannonmarie's blog entries, and the photos & recipes are nothing short of amazing!

Keep up the great work!
Kelli Anders
Hydes, MD