Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Recipe: Raw Apricot Bread

On these colder snowy days it is nice to have something with a little more bulk to it.  These dense breads are great just as they are or with a tasty spread, dip, or a little nut butter.  I've made these for parties, to add to dinner, or as part of lunches for the kids.

This sensational bread will delight you with a zest of orange sweetness and chewy apricots. Make apple cinnamon bread too using the alterations below!

Apricot Bread
(Recipe can be found in Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine)

2 c. golden flax seeds, ground
2 c. almonds, soaked
1/2 c. dried apricots, soaked
1 T. orange zest
1 1/2 t. cinnamon
1 t. Celtic sea salt
1/2 vanilla bean
1. Soak almonds and apricots for 2 hours.
2. Grind flax seeds in a coffee grinder or a blender (do not grind until super fine; the thicker the mixture, the better the bread).
3. Process almonds in a food processor with the “S” blade until meal-like
4. Process apricots and vanilla bean in the blender until smooth
5. Add some of the apricot soak water to the blend
6. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl; add orange zest, cinnamon, salt, and mix well
7. Form into two loaves approximately 4”x8”x1” and slice into 1/2” pieces.
8. Dehydrate at 145 degrees for 1-3 hours and the 115 degrees for 2 hours, or until desired moisture is obtained.Serves 6-8

Most ingredients can be found on

*Note: For Apple-Cinnamon Bread (replace apricots with c. apples, blended, 1 apple grated and 1/2 c raisins, soaked. Remove zest.)


Anonymous said...

This recipe sounds terrific! I think something was left out of the apple bread variation, though - it just says "replace apricots with c. apples, blended" and doesn't specify the amount of apples in "c." Please clarify, as I'm eager to make this! Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Helen said...

Yes the recipe is gluten and wheat free.

Helen said...

After it is blended you want to measure one cup. This is probably around two to three apples depending upon the size.