Double Chocolate Mint Chip Pudding Pie Recipe

Double Chocolate Mint Chip Pudding Pie
Recipe Courtesy of: Chef Bliss

1c raw, organic dates
1c raw, organic pecans

1. Process in food processor until sticky, use wax paper and a roller to press into pie dish.

1/2c warm water
1/2c raw, organic, virgin coconut oil
1/4c raw, organic agave nectar
1/2c raw, organic cashews
2 T organic, raw cocoa powder
2 T organic coconut palm sugar
1/4c organic coconut nectar
1/2t organic vanilla extract
1/2t peppermint extract
1/4c cacao nibs or Balinese sweet nibs (stir into mixture last)

1. Blend all ingredients except nibs, well.
2. Fold in nibs or sprinkle on pie crust
3. Pour filling in crust.
4. Freeze for 4 or more hours (melts quickly so keep it frozen)

Topping (optional):

Option 1: Melt a chocolate bar or cacao paste in the dehydrator at 105f for 1 hour, spread over top.
Option 2: stir 1T cocoa powder into 1/4c agave nectar and drizzle over the top. Top with cacao beans for a decorative touch. Enjoy!