Sacha Inchi Super Fudge Recipe (Raw Fudge with Superfoods)

Sacha Inchi Super Fudge - this is one of our favorite fudge recipes to make. You can substitute your favorite fruits, nuts & seeds, or use whatever you have on hand.

3.5 cups date paste (soak raw, organic Medjool dates in water for 30 mins - 2 hours. Remove date pits & process dates in food processor with water to create paste. Store in mason jar in fridge.)
2 cups raw, organic cacao powder
1 cup raw, organic chia seeds 
1 cup raw, organic sesame seeds
1 cup raw, organic Thompson raisins
2 cups raw, organic sunflower seeds
1 cup raw, organic Goji berries
2 Tablespoons raw, organic Maca powder
4 Tablespoons raw, organic Sacha Inchi powder
2 teaspoons raw, organic Camu-Camu powder
1teaspoon raw, organic Vanilla bean powder


1. In a large bowl hand mix everything thoroughly together.

2. Line a standard baking tray with baking paper. Press the mass evenly into the tray and level the surface with a cranked metal spatula.

3. Set aside for minimum of one hour to set (can be placed in refrigerator). Cut into 1" square pieces.

4. Serve as is or place in dehydrator for a few hours at 115°F until dry to the touch.