Friday, December 06, 2013

Natural Zing Helps to Save Animals at the Ching Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Natural Zing continually tries to give back to the community & especially to causes that we find important like helping to save animals. So when  The Ching Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary recently reached out to us for donations to their annual Vegan Thanksgiving  Fundraiser,  we jumped on the opportunity.

We helped save Sunday the pig.
'Farm animals have the same emotional capacity as traditional companions like dogs and cats, yet modern cruelty laws do not apply to them. Under the law, they are seen as mere objects for human use.' (A powerful line from the Ching Farm website.)

 The Ching Farm, is based out of  the Salt Lake area of Utah & advocates farm animals through rescue & education about cruelty-free living. Their belief is that their advocate work can help change perceptions of farm animals & create a deeper respect for the rich emotional lives of these animals.

We donated many of our bestselling Natural Zing superfood items. 100% of the money raised went to feeding the animals. They even sent us a picture of Sunday the pig (rescued from a laboratory) & a happy & feisty guy at the farm.

This farm does not get government grants & is entirely reliant on donations from the public to help feed & care for their animals. It costs approximately $4,000 a month to feed all of the animals at the farm. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation please visit their site: .

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