Thursday, October 09, 2014

Raw Chocolate Monster Eyes

Here’s a fun little recipe. Just in time for Halloween!


1 Tbsp raw, organic Cacao Powder

1/4 Cup raw, organic Cacao Nibs

1 1/2 Tsp raw, organic Maca Powder

1 Tbsp raw, organic Cinnamon Powder

8-10 raw, organic Medjool Dates

1/2 Cup raw, organic Almonds

1/4 Cup raw, organic Goji Berries

1 Tsp raw, organic Vanilla Extract

Shelled Pistachios
    (enough to make the eyes)


Place all ingredients into a high power food processor and blend until small pebbles form. Roll into balls and gently press a pistachio into each ball. Refrigerate to firm up the newly formed eyes.
    (Makes approximately 15 cookie balls.)

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