Integrated Wholeness

We are an integrated whole. I smashed my pinky finger pretty good last night sledding. I am concerned by how hard things seem without use of my pinky. It hurts yes. When one small part of our bodies gets out of balance it can seem to throw off everything else in your whole body. My day continues, I have lots to do. Getting dressed and putting my shoes on is difficult. And I started thinking.

We are an integrated whole individually, and also collectively, globally and universally. I like to practice keeping this in mind when I make lifes daily choices. Making the best food choices has been very important to me for a long time. What we eat can harm us or help us. We are made up of many things but mostly microorganisms. Trillions of microbes help our bodies flourish in our environment. These microbes create our internal environment. Food comes from our external environment. Microbes are connected to all life. Everyday microbes are passing through us. So our environment collectively is passing through us each day.

We owe it to ourselves to find, grow, prepare and eat the best food we can find. It actually says who we are and who we will become individually, collectively, globally and universally. This is a main reason why I started a food business. I need to know what I am eating, where it came from and I want the best cleanest quality.

Peace and have a blessed day!