Thursday, April 23, 2015

Double Chocolate Mint Chip Pudding Pie

Here's a delicious recipe using our Balinese line of Natural Zing products.





1. Process the dates and pecans in food processor until sticky, use wax paper and a roller to press the mixture into a pie dish.

1. Blend all ingredients, except the nibs, well.
2. Gently fold in nibs or sprinkle onto pie crust.
3. Pour the filling into crust.
4. Freeze for 4 or more hours (melts quickly so keep it frozen).

Topping (optional):
Option 1: Melt a chocolate bar or cacao paste in the dehydrator at 105ºf for 1 hour and spread over top.

Option 2: Stir together 1tbsp cacao powder and 1/4cup agave nectar Drizzle over the top of the pie. Top with cacao beans for a decorative touch. Enjoy!

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