Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Delicious Olive Recipes

Olives, symbols of peace, wisdom, glory, power & pureness. Olives provide sustenance & are one of the most nourishing foods. It is estimated that the cultivation of olive trees began more than 7000 years ago. Olives are simple and easy to enjoy~ chop some up in a salad, or slice a few on a sprouted cracker, create your own tapenade or mix with your favorite vegetable dish. Even better....... just put some in a bowl and eat one after another after another..............! See our recipes below.

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Here are a couple of our favorite recipes:

Olive Flat Bread
By Chef Bliss

2 cups Peruvian Dried Black olives (pitted) (soak in water for 2 hrs. then drain)
2 c. sunflower seeds 
3 cloves garlic 
1 carrot  
1 c. Brazil nuts (or chia seeds)
1 c. ground flax seeds (grind up in a coffee grinder or a high speed blender)
1 tsp Sea Salt  

1. Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth.  
2. Add 1/2 c. water and smooth with a spatula onto a teflex sheet on a dehydrator tray.  
3. Dehydrate for 12 hours. 
Serves 12

Black Olive & Sun-Dried Tomato Tapenade

By Chef Bliss

1 cup pitted Peruvian Dried Black Olives the herbed pitted would also be great.
1/4 cup sundried tomatoes
(soak for 2 hrs then drain)

juice from 1 lemon
2 garlic clove, minced

1/4 cup (60ml)
Bariani Raw Stone-Crushed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (have some extra used as needed)

1. Place the olives, sundried tomatoes, lemon juice and garlic in the bowl of a food processor and process until finely chopped. (Alternatively, place ingredients in a mortar and pound with a pestle until well combined).
2. With the motor running, gradually add the oil in a thin, steady stream until well combined and a smooth paste forms.
3. Transfer to an airtight container and pour over extra oil to cover the tapenade surface (to prevent oxidation).

Zucchini Pasta with Olives & Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Recipe Courtesy of Maria & Helen

1 large zucchini made into noodles with a Spirooli

1 or 2 fresh tomatoes chopped
1/2 cup
Peruvian Dried Black Olives (pitted and chopped)

1/3 cup sundried tomatoes (soaked & chopped)
1 small bunch of basil chopped
1 clove garlic
1 tbsp
Bariani Raw Stone-Crushed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Optional: add chopped nuts on top of your dish for decoration (pine nuts or walnuts)

Put all the sauce ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. (optionally you can add the olives into the sauce after it is blend or add them on top of your dish before serving.)

Place your noodles on the dish and spoon on your sauce. Again you can add the olives last or add some nuts.

Note: If you do not have access to a Spirooli then you can substitute with kelp noodles. **Have your kids help you use the Spirooli :) **

Serves: 2 to 4 (depends on the size of zucchini)


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are audible.

Kristine Garcia said...

The recipe for the flatbread is very confusing. Is there a way you can seperate it so there is one ingrediant per line? and did you mean I could use 1 cup brazil nuts or 1 cup of chia seeds?


Helen said...

Our apologies for any confusion. In draft mode it did not combine lines like that. Yes, 1 cup of brazil nuts or chia seeds. I'll go back and edit to make one line per ingredient.