Smoothie Industry Trends

The sales of smoothies have increased dramatically during the past five years, according to industry analysis company Mintel, and have now "become a part of the American landscape." Mintel cites the fact that smoothies are quick, nutritious and portable as the reasons for their popularity as an alternative to soda or milkshakes.

• Smoothie sales have risen to $9 billion a year, increasing 10% or more per year.

• A large part smoothies' popularity stems from their image of being healthful drinks.

• The number of retail locations offering smoothies across America has grown dramatically, now standing at more than 10,000.

• To keep up momentum, smoothie manufacturers are introducing new flavors, such as acai and prickly pear.

• 2/3 of the 18- to 34-year-olds surveyed have had a smoothie in the past month.

•  Bowls are one of the top 5 food trend in 2017.   Smoothie bowls make the smoothie into more of a meal replacement than it was before.  It also makes is very visually appealing.

• "With functional foods and beverages having a strong marketplace advantage, smoothies are in position to dominate the healthy beverages category. Smoothies are seen as a pleasant health treat, and this will continue to take the category far," said David Lockwood, director of Mintel Reports, in a company press release.


If you haven't joined the smoothie generation then it's not too late to join and enjoy these quick, easy to make, highly nutritious and delicious meals.  If you have been making smoothies for years with the introduction to the smoothie and acai bowls you can have endless creative creations to simulate and nourish you.

Article by Helen Rose, Founding owner of Superfoods on Main and Director of Marketing at Natural Zing.


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