What does clean eating mean? Easy ways to incorporate clean eating.

There’s a lot of buzz in the food and health world these days around diet and nutritional terms like “paleo diet,” the “real food” movement, and “clean eating.” With that buzz, also comes a lot of confusion about these terms and what they mean. That last term is the one I’m going to take a closer look at today.
You’ve probably seen the term clean eating all over social media and any progressive health and nutrition blogs, but what exactly does this term mean? And furthermore, how do you do it? It sounds pretty simple enough, clean up your diet, but let’s get into the nitty gritty and find out what is clean eating and how do you achieve it…

What is Clean Eating?

At first glance, clean eating is a pretty simple food philosophy, maybe even deceptively so. The principle is to be more mindful of the foods you choose and eat more whole foods, which are in their natural state. Look for unrefined, unprocessed (or minimally processed) foods and give up the highly processed, chemical-backed products that tend to fill our modern supermarket shelves.
If you really think about it, clean eating is essentially stepping back in time to when processed foods and artificial ingredients didn’t even exist. The only food options available were real, whole foods, the way nature intended them.

Plant the Seed for Cleaner Eating

Clean eating isn’t something that can just be achieved over night. It’s something you work towards by slowly and consistently making healthier choices and changing up old habits. You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian, but moving towards a more plant based diet ensures that you get as many fruits and vegetables at each meal as possible.
One of the best ways to plant seeds for clean eating is to start making switches. Find places in your diet where old habits can be modified, for example let’s say you snack on potato chips at night, try switching to lightly seasoned nuts and seeds or a homemade trail mix with nuts & dried fruit. Or if you crave sugar after meals, have a piece of fresh fruit or a smoothie with fresh or frozen fruit.  Make your salads fun with a healthy homemade salad dressing.

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Article by Helen Rose, Founding owner of Superfoods on Main and Director of Marketing at Natural Zing, and Marketing Strategies from Launch It Consulting.  To have Helen help you with your communications and promotions contact her Launchitconsulting@gmail.com.