Follow Your Instincts! - From the Archives

*** This is another article from our newsletter archives that I thought was worth putting on our blog.  This articles is from March 2005.   It is still relevant today.  Please not I am not pregnant now :) ***
Some people give us unsolicited advice on what they believe is best for us. You know the usual advice on what we’re eating, what career paths we should take, and what kind of medical care we should get.   Some of this comes from genuine concern ...and sometimes a reaction to their own discomforts and fears.  Knowing our customer base as I do, I know that we often choose "other than" what the mainstream would see as a typical choice or the choices that would make them most comfortable.   I’ve run into a lot of this recently, as I am expecting a baby any day now, and my choices of health care provider, diet, where I’m choosing to birth my child and even naming my child have all been questioned.    Not surprisingly, due to my focus on health, I’ve been having an extremely healthy pregnancy.

When it comes to your choices, they are your choices and yours alone.  This is your life, your body and you must do what it best for you - in my case, what is best for my baby or me.  Through following your instincts, in experimenting with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes you are the only one who knows you best.  It is important to keep that in mind.  Many of you do extensive research and have tested different foods and lifestyle choices.  You’ve learned a lot and you need to trust your instincts and your knowledge.   Each person is different and each person must find happiness in life.  So go find your happiness!