Natural Zing’s Solar Powered Warehouse

Natural Zing furthers its commitment to sustaining the earth with its latest solar project. This major undertaking will enable all of the power required by Natural Zing’s main warehouse to be powered by the sun. Last week the solar panels were installed on the roof of the warehouse, this week the rest of the system will be installed and turned on. This innovative on-grid/off-grid system not only supplies power to the warehouse, but also provides some power to our operational offices. With the innovative design by  a local Mount Airy Maryland alternative power contractor, Banner Homes Solutions,  this system will provide all the electricity for our warehouse, it feeds excess power back to the grid as well as charges a battery backup system that powers essential services during power outages (when the grid is down).

 “Keep in mind that not only is our warehouse going to be solar powered, but all our offices and other locations are wind powered through the power choice program, thus all of Natural Zing’s electricity is being supplied by sun and wind,” stated Jeffrey Rose, President of Natural Zing. He added “It is important for our customers to know that we are not mismanaging their support. We have been examining going solar for the past five years, waiting until we could do it right and the technology was advanced enough to be efficient for us to implement. With everything we do, lightening our foot print on the earth is always second nature to us. We are constantly asking how can we live and do business more sustainably.”

“For Natural Zing being green isn’t trendy, it is who we are and always have been”, stated Helen Rose, Vice President of Administration. “Since our start in 2003, being green is part of our identity. We’ve always practiced reduce, reuse and recycle.” Helen added. Natural Zing has been a member of GreenAmerica, formerly Coop America since 2004. Below are two other articles that highlight some of our green initiatives and practices.

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