Superfood Food Storage

Now available from you have high quality superfoods and organic raw foods for a deeper pantry or long-term food storage.    Three good reasons for storing food are:  1) It saves you money.  2) It is prudent to have extra food on hand i.e. a “deeper pantry”.   3) Food supply issues could be affected by weather, natural disasters and a bad economy.  

Have you noticed food prices rising?  We have and you will soon.  So there is no better time than now to save on some of your favorite high quality, highly nutritious superfoods and organic foods.   Buying in bulk already reduces the per pound price greatly and by extending the shelf life with vacuum sealing really allows you to save as prices increase due to inflation.  The effect of  the “just-in-time” delivery system that keeps us fed in this country, results in most communities have, at most, a total of three to five days’ worth of food on hand in their local grocery stores and supermarkets at any given time.  In other words, if delivery trucks stopped rolling into town and everyone then went down to the store to buy what they needed, the stores would be stripped bare in no time at all. 

Two ways to buy:
1.       Bulk
2.       Vacuum sealed (custom service: email us with a list of items you would like vacuum sealed).

Most “long-term food storage” products on the market are filled with chemicals.  All of our foods are 100% non-GMO.   They are either organic or wildcrafted (grown wild in nature), and are the highest quality foods with high nutritional content.
Our product line is expanding each week, with new items coming on board such as _________________.
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Current Food Storage Products:
Organic Chia Seeds
Goji Berries
Cacao Nibs
Golden Flax Seeds
Himalayan Salt
Spirulina Tablets
Chlorella Tablets
Palm Sugar

And many more bulk items: See our Bulk section!
See our Food Storage Seeds section!