Prepare for the future, be the leader of yourself, dancing towards Utopia

This is another article from our newsletter archives.  I hope you enjoy this and other contributions "From the Archives".

Leaders usually lead others and usually are actually leading themselves too or have led themselves. Be your own leader. Be the leader of yourself. In any situation does it matter if others follow? Yes, it is easier if you hang with a group of like minded people but that is not always going to happen in a given situation. How many of us get to hug at least one raw foodist everyday? How many of us get to see two or more raw foodists on an average day? That number is rapidly growing.

We prepare for the future by leading ourselves. Lead yourself to learn how to be prepared. The best way to be prepared is to take immediate action in a given situation no matter what others are doing. No matter what happens to you, take immediate action to address your desire. Getting healthy now, today and getting even healthier each and everyday forward. Eating living food is a way to do that. Being healthy gives you an advantage in every aspect of your future. It allows you to reach your maximum level of functioning to create your future.

Leading your way to sustainable living means you do not need to rely on corporations or governments or others to provide you services or goods to survive. Learning and evolving your current environment toward sustainability would be a great area to spend some time and effort. Things we could learn include: learning to forage for food(what wild plants and weeds can be eaten), learning to grow food and/or fermenting food, learning about alternative power like solar, wind, bio-diesel or ethanol,learning to ride a bike or hike or hike carrying a bike, getting stronger emotionally, mentally, spiritually, vocationally and physically, learning to love more, learning to buy less stuff and use less stuff, and even meditating.

What if you were involved in an event that is "other than" the best ever for yourself or family? A giant wave 200 ft high crashes on the shore, a meteor hits the Earth, a hurricane strikes nearby, these are not necessarily negative events they can be challenges. Now suppose you are in an area where there is a need for a military quarantine because of a pandemic outbreak of a deadly virus. And suppose you don't want to stay in the quarantined area. You would need to take immediate action to get out. Going by vehicle would not be an option most likely unless you were very fast and there were many backroads available. A more likely reality would be that you may need to hike through a wooded area away from roads. Weighing your available options and making a fast decision would help you acheive your desired goal.

What if climate changes rapidly occur in the area where you live, rendering it unliveable? Get your bikes out, pack your backpacks and head out, maybe South to Mexico. Or take the last boat to Hawaii. What would you pack in that backpack other than water? Would it even matter?

Life is a series of situations. A pregnant lady flags you down on the highway and is giving birth. You come upon an accident in the middle of the night. The government is coming around with your vaccine filled with mercury and a microchip to help prevent the pandemic of mystery flu. A stranger or someone in your family is hurting and needs you. Take action, Be the leader and dance towards Utopia.

Have you discovered your limits? Have you pushed yourself to the edge in any aspect of your life. Go on a fifty mile bike ride in the rain on a muddy trail. I did. Here I was a good rider regularly riding 25 miles in less than 2 1/2 hours and my coworkers decided they wanted to ride 50 miles on the C & O trail. I had been around the sun about 10 times more then them and I was very game because I knew I could do it but it would not be easy. It rained that day, we rode totally soaked, through thick mud, tires sinking in and made 50 miles in about 4 1/2 hours with a 15 minute break and 32 ounces of water. I never did get that mud stain out of my underwear. I am glad we didn't let the rain keep us from that ride. I wasn't even sore the next day and didn't feel I was really pushing it. That wasn't my limit (almost). Once I hiked 16 miles in 8 hours and was much more tired.

Eating raw organic vegan living food inherently prepares you for the future. It holds the wisdom of all of nature through all of time and all spirits and that is all you need.