Carbon Neutral Shipping

 Natural Zing has been partnering with UPS since our founding in 2003.  Not only has their service been great and rates been competitive they have also won several green business awards.  They have a new green program called, Offset Scope 3 Emission with Carbon Neutral Shipping, that Natural Zing will start utilizing this week.   To offset the carbon emissions, UPS buys carbon offset credits through a process verified by the SGS Group (UK) and certified by the Carbon Neutral Company. 

What UPS has been doing recently to reduce emission?
 By using rails, which requires four times less energy per ton mile than tractor trailers,UPS has drastically reduced emissions from package delivery.
  • UPS began using rail in 1966 and now is among the largest corporate users of rail. In 2008, UPS saved one million tons C02 by shifting from truck to rail.
  • Shifting from air to ground vehicles (trucks and rail): In 2008, UPS saved 2,027,279 metric tons of CO2.

 UPS Airlines operates the least carbon-intensive (CO2 lbs/ATM) fleet in the U.S. package
delivery industry.
  • In 2008, UPS’s carbon intensity factor was 1.23 CO2 lbs/ATM. 
  • In additionto leading the competition in this metric, UPS is pursuing an aggressive CO2 intensity reduction target of 20% from 2005-2020. This represents a planned 42% improvement between 1990 and 2020.

Did You Know?
* UPS package cars are painted brown to reduce the need for washing and have a semitransparent
top to allow in light.
* UPS Package Flow Technology optimizes routes for drivers to reduce left-hand turns and has
eliminated more than 100 million miles since 2003.
* UPS was founded in 1907, and began testing an electric vehicle in 1935.
* UPS has tested and used hybrid-electric, hydrogen, and hybrid hydraulic vehicles for
more than a decade.