3 Ways to Manage Mental Health During Crisis

These are very stressful time.   Stress weakens the immune system.  So here are three tips to de-stress.  1. Stay Socially Connected. Connect with people by calling them up and checking on them.  Plan Zoom calls.  I just when to a surprise Birthday Party via zoom last night.  Two weeks ago, I was invited to a "silly dress" happy hour via zoom.  This was great for me, because I don't drink beverages typically found in bar unless it is a smoothie or juice bar.  I was able to attend a happy hour, socialize and have my green smoothie. 2.  Choose Happiness.  In the bleakest of times, find gratitude.  This can be a time to get closer to your kids & your spouse, to work on that art project, to clean out the basement, to learn how to do more things online or take your skills and talents online. For those moms and dads out there, learn time management skills to juggling work, home schooling and meal prep.  If my kids only learn time management skills this last quarter, that is a huge success.
There are always ways to look at a situation and find something for which to be thankful. We've had lots of learning opportunities with this virus and we can be grateful for what we have learned so we can do better. Also, focus on what you can control not on what you can't control. When looking at a problem, instead of looking at the barriers ask the right questions: "How CAN we do this? or "What CAN we do?" and your mind fills with possible solutions. For a challenge ask: "What don't we know?" so you can research the areas of risk so we are not surprised by the unexpected.

3. Find purpose.  Reach out and help others.  It could be as simple as calling and connecting to those that are home alone or in a nursing home.  You can volunteer to help those in need or sharing your talents during this time of need.  You can be the glue that holds your family and community together and the stability they need during these troubled times.  

Wishing you abundant health,  

Helen Rose
Plant-Base Chef and Coach