Dealing With Isolation..Be Social

By Helen Rose
Plant-Based Chef & Coach
Natural Zing

Be social.

Socialization is key, especially if you feel isolated. Feeling connected to others wards off loneliness and stress.
First, swap the term “social distancing” for “physical distancing.” Remind yourself that we’re all still connected, even if we’re apart.
Next, consider it “distant socializing.”
You can still get together with friends and family online or on your phone. There are apps that make face-to-face conversations easy. Send emails and texts. Get in touch on social media. Pick up the phone and say hi.

Spend quality time with family.

With kids home from school and college and partners working from home, it’s a unique chance for quality family time.

Join Online Communities.

Look online for community groups, religious groups, and cultural events. Many organizations are offering digital gatherings.
Call family members.

Especially for older relatives, just pick up the phone and call.  Your grandparents, mother, father, aunt, sister and brother would love to hear your voice.
Share your feelings with others. Conversation helps you feel less alone and more supported.