Natural Zing is 100% Wind Powered

,As of mid-July all of Natural Zings facilities are utilizing 100% wind powder for its electricity needs. This wind power is purchased from local wind farms.

Mount Airy, MD -  Natural Zing is pleased to announce that they have committed to purchasing 100% wind energy credits to power their business in all locations, reducing the carbon footprint of the company and helping to cultivate a healthier community. This means that their customers can rest easy knowing that by supporting Natural Zing, they are also supporting clean energy.

Wind energy is making a big difference in America. The wind energy that Natural Zing uses fosters the development of new wind energy and protects air quality.

Since Natural Zing was founded it has strove to create a green business, from using recycled paper for office, catalogs and product labels, to the design of any new facilities.  This is just one more step in the sustainable living/business direction.  Natural Zing's founders and employees take sustainability into nearly every decision we make.  Not just business decisions, but often in their personal lifestyles as well.  In the coming months, Natural Zing plans a new solar powered project that will provide 100% solar power to its main warehouse and solar backup power to its offices.  For other ways Natural Zing has implemented green solutions see .

By using wind energy services helped to prevent the harmful effects of traditional energy supplies.
The effects of their commitment are immense, and are a part of Natural Zing’s mission to foster a cleaner environment. By using wind energy, Natural Zing is helping the environment, and also keeping the air clean, preventing the need for new, polluting fossil fuel power plants to meet growing energy needs.