Friday, February 12, 2010

Natural Zing's Snowy Adventure

Starting Friday, February 5th a historic snow fall came to our region. Two large snow storms in a row left 4 1/2 feet of snow. Snow drifts even higher. Changing from a winter wonderland to "Are we in the Arctic or in Maryland?"

Our amazing team here at Natural Zing has been has pulled together and to keep things moving as much as possible. Starting with our President, Jeff has been digging us out since Saturday - shoveling, plowing, & snow blowing, doing everything he can to ensure that employee can park and trucks can get in and out.

Even with all the effort the snow prevented us from opening fully on Monday. Our Business Development Manager, Maria and our President were able to make it in to work for a few hours to field calls and to process a few order. On Tuesday we were open and all of our staff made it in to work and our amazing staff shipped the weekend, Monday and Tuesday orders. It almost broke our record for the total number of packages out in a day. We certainly broke a record considering that our staff had to leave early due to the 2nd snow storm starting and thus making road condition unsafe. We were closed Wednesday, because of the blizzard and extremely dangerous road conditions - Maryland was under a state of emergency. Anyone found on the road where fined. The conditions were so bad the snow trucks had to stop working because it was too dangerous for them out there. On Thursday, many roads still were not plowed, yet again our President dug us out and limited staff was able to make it into work for a few hours, Alicyn, Helen and Jeff. Alicyn, from Customer Service, did her best to answer calls and respond to all the messages. Jeff was mostly busy clearing snow and Helen, VP of Administration, started to process orders. On Friday we will be very busy getting out as many orders as possible and several of our staff members are planning to come in over the weekend to get the orders out to our customers. We are expecting more snow on Monday, so our adventures continue.

Please Note: The US Postal Service was closed on Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday in our area and UPS was closed on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in our area.

If you are a regular customer, you know that we usually have very prompt service. Natural Zing apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Chocolate sale

Golden Bean Bars are on sale for Valentine's Day, the price is lowered to $5.95.
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