Wednesday, November 09, 2016

What do I do now?

Be the change you want to see in the world. What does that mean? Firstly it means vote with your dollars. Secondly, find your passions and live your passions. Do things everyday that bring you passion. Energy goes where emotion flows. Start with what makes you happy. Put your energy into your happiness. If you truly don't know what to do please contact me and I will help you decide and work towards your passions.


Voting with your dollars means refraining from spending on products, services or food you believe are inferior. Buy your best for yourself and family. If you buy a Big Mac, you are voting for more Big Macs. If you buy organic whole food ingredients and cook a meal from scratch, at home, with your family you are voting for healthy families. If you believe schools can be better, donate or volunteer at your local school. Bring your energy and light to what you believe in. Support charities that support your goals. Every time you buy something it is a vote. Yes I know some things it seems we have no choice but often you do have a choice and there can be a better choice.

Let your passion drive your activities. If you want the world to be healthier, get healthy. Eat healthy clean organic vegan food, exercise 3 to 7 days per week. Be physically active. If you want more love in the world, give more love to friends, family and strangers without expecting any in return. If you want more trees, plant trees.

What does the world need and how can I bring that into my life? Ask yourself that question and your spirit will provide answers. Pray and meditate for more clarity. Take a walk in nature. Lay on the beach. HIIT the trails.

In 2000, after 10 years of being a Software Engineer for various corporations I started to prepare my departure from the corporate world. Firstly, I got healthy. I started eating a strictly plant-based diet and exercising at least 3 times per week. In 2001, I left my corporate job as I was approaching 6 figures and I continued my health quest. I learned years earlier that when I feel down or depressed the best thing to do is take care of myself. Go for a hike, trail run, or go biking, eat a salad and take a calming bath. Focusing on myself and my growth always brought a renewed inspirations and drive. I explored various talents during 2001 – 2002, lost about 35 pounds, produced a few musical products and compositions. Finally, after losing about 35 pounds I decided to pursue a long held passion for plant-based food. I want to eat the best food ever. I started Natural Zing to bring the best quality plant-based food to the market. Coinciding with a birth in the raw food movement we started sourcing highest quality superfoods, fruits, nuts and cacao direct from farms in the US, Peru and Ecuador. We created a Retail site and also began selling to stores and manufacturers. Today most of our business is direct to stores however we have many loyal retail consumers that demand quality, purity and transparency. All of our foods are vegan, many are raw and 95% of them are organic. We specialize in vegan, organic whole plant-based foods. Our blog has many recipes that can help you get healthier and feel more energy. We are blessed and grateful for all the support of our customers. Thank you.

We all reach crossroads in our lives. Let your spirit guide you. If you are down or depressed use my trick. Eat healthy, be healthy. Start your journey today. When would NOW be a good time? The vegan diet is a well proven diet that can quickly help you feel better. Exercise has dozens of proven benefits including energy, focus and building self esteem and mindset. Diet and exercise combine is the best choice you can make to begin moving towards your passion and happiness. Remember, 80% of dis-ease is lifestyle choices. Take control, start today. Eat 10 of our Organic Ecuadorian Cacao Beans and you will never be the same. I invite you to try our great products.

If you truly don't know what to do or have reached a stuck point in your personal growth or business please contact me. Lets break through together.

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Peace, love and joy,

Jeffrey Rose