Thursday, May 29, 2014

Organic Vegan Superfoods Cafe Located in Mount Airy Maryland

In 2012 the founders of Natural Zing opened up a store front and vegetarian cafe in Mount Airy Maryland called Superfoods on Main.  There they are amazing the rural residents of Mount Airy Maryland with their incredible superfood product line, the superfood smoothies, and their raw vegan organic food creations.   

Not only do they have delicious superfood smoothies, but they also have a wraps, salads, specialty salads, and gluten-free baked goods.  They were received a great review by the Frederick News Post in the following article Superfoods, or super tasty?.

Superfoods on Main's mission is not only to offer the healthiest food available, but to create community and provide education to the community.   Superfoods on Main's education classes include classes on Raw Organic Food Preparation, Understanding Superfoods, How to Make Superfood Smoothies, Benefits and Uses of Chinese Medicinal Herbs, Digestive Health, Stress Reduction, Weight Reduction, Heart Health, Benefits and intro to Fitness, Blending vs. Juicing, Moving Beyond Self sabotage, Detox Made Easy and more classes area added all the time.  To be added to our educational newsletter click here

Raw Foods Cafe:
 Superfoods on Main is a vegetarian Cafe and Specialty Superfoods Store.  Offering many raw organic vegan food options from smoothies, wraps, specialty salads, and raw food pies.  A superfoods specialty store featuring the Natural Zing brand, Health Force, Omica, Jing Herbs and similar amazing quality functional foods.   

You can find all of their amazing Superfoods on  and information about their cafĂ©, store and educational classes at

Natural Zing one of the 1st sellers of goji berries in the US, today a worldwide distributor

A local business, Natural Zing, was one of the 1st distributors of goji berries, maca, and raw cacao in the United States. For decades the founder of Natural Zing studied nutrition decided to create a store that put together the best of the best Superfoods from all over the world.   When this Mount Airy Maryland company first started in 2003 most callers assumed Natural Zing was a west coast company and were delighted to find that they were located on the east coast.  As the years passed, Natural Zing continued to grow organically adding to its superfoods product line selling directly consumers and to natural food stores.

Today Natural Zing is a worldwide distributor of natural specialty foods.   Now selling the Natural Zing brand and other high quality organic functional food brands to over 200 stores in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. 

You’ll find those foods at including goji berries from Tibet, plant-based protein powders, gluten-free flours, wildcrafted Superfoods from the Amazon, traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and much more.
Buyer are welcome to contact us for wholesale information at 1-888-729-9464.

Pea Protein Fit and Fantastic Green Smoothie

Green Banana Fit and Fantastic Smoothie
by Helen Rose, Raw Chef, Superfoods on Main 
1 frozen banana
1 1/2 cups or 2 handfuls of fresh baby spinach
20 oz of raw almond milk
1 tbs. of Chia Seeds
2 tbs. of Pea Protein Powder

Add spinach, chia seeds, pea protein powder, then banana.  Finally add your raw almond milk or your choice of water, coconut water or milk alternative up to the 24 oz line of your blenders canister.  Be sure to use a high powered blender like the ones sold here at

This smoothie makes a great morning meal replacement.  It can keep you filled for hours.