Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Holiday Nut Nogs

Nuts and several other ingredients can be found at Natural Zing.

Butter Nog (recipe by Chef Bliss)
1 butternut squash, seeded, peeled and cubed using a ceramic knife
1 T. Brazil nut oil
2 c. Almond milk using Natural Zing Almonds
½ t. freshly grated nutmeg
½ t. ginger root, fresh
1 t. pink rock salt or Celtic sea salt
½ t. cinnamon
1/8 t. cardamom
¼ t. allspice

2 T. agave (we like the dark variety with this recipe)

1. Blend until just past room temperature....

Brazil Nut Nog (by Helen Rose)
1 c. soaked organic Brazil nuts, soak 8 hours or overnight
¼ c. organic macadamia nuts
2 ½ c. filtered water
2 organic bananas cut into chunks (can be frozen)
6 medium organic dates (soaked if firm and use the soak water for some of the water)
½ t. nutmeg
½ t. ground clove
1 t. vanilla extract or ½ vanilla bean
1T. hemp oil
½ t. cinnamon
pinch of Celtic Sea salt

1. Blend the nuts and water and strain the pulp out using a nut-milk bag or sieve.
2. Add the fruit and spices to the nut milk and mix.
3. Chill.

Serves 8

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Raw Food Holiday Gift Guide - More Ideas!!!

You might think that you can only buy a raw food gift for someone who is a raw foodist or vegan, not true at all… nearly everyone likes food and more than likely you can find something fun, delicious or helpful for your loved ones in our gift guide. Now, if you eat lots of raw food, or know of someone who does then this list will we extremely helpful to you this holiday season. I personally have fun creating my own gift baskets and bags. For those that I’m not going to see in person this holiday season, I send gift packages.

Personal Care:
For some of the ladies, mothers, sisters, & aunts …. a personal care basket is perfect. Some of my favorite selections are MSM Cream and MSM facial wash, with some Noni soaps. Classics are also very welcomed like bath salts, coconut oil, and cocoa butter for smoother skin during these wintery days.
Nuts and Dried Fruits:
Some people love an assortment of nuts & dried fruit - our goji berries are a healthful addition & their festive red color looks gorgeous in a holiday tin. Individual bags can be perfect for the right person, for example my father loves pistachio nuts and my sister-in-law loves Golden Incan berries. One year I made a custom mix for some of my relatives and put them in some festive bags, it was a huge hit. However, if you don’t have the time to make your own, check out some of the pre-made trail mixes.

Chocolate Lovers:
You know who they are, those chocolate lovers... I believe it is nearly everyone I know, most people will welcome a chocolate. From stocking stuffers or adding items to gift baskets, chocolate treats like Uli Mana truffles, Wildbars, LuLu’s Chocolate bars, and Righteously Raw bars are great. LocoCocoa drink mix is a great addition to a gift basket, maybe add a mug and a nice book to curl up with on a cold winters day. Santa always remembers to add a chocolate treat in my stocking…he’s so sweet.
Stocking Stuffers and Snack Baskets:
For families with kids….gift baskets with lots of snacks such as Sundance Superfood trail mixes, Gone Nuts living spiced nuts, food bars, crackers, kale chips, and Artisana nut butters are perfect. They also can make great stocking stuffers. My children love finding treats and snacks in their stockings….doesn’t everyone :).

Superfood Eccentrics:
For friends and relatives who are into the latest superfoods and supplements, I can be very creative. This year brown rice protein powder, maqui berry, marine phytoplankton capsules, moringa leaf powder, and Super Z Lite are some of the new must tries. Or try some new protein products like pumpkin seed protein powder and Warrior Blend. Synergy Company has come out with some new supplements, such as Super B Complex and has reformulated some other supplements.

Creative Raw Food Gift Ideas:
For a special friend I created a raw food chocolate pie bag with all the ingredients and the recipe for Chocolate Fantasy Pie by Chef Bliss. Another friend wanted to get into sprouting, I made a gift bag including sprouting seeds, a couple of sprouting screens for mason jars, a hemp sprouting bag and a sprouting chart.
Cool Raw Food Kitchen Tools:
For those that like cool kitchen tools, try a Spirooli or spiral slicer - essentials for any raw foodist or culinary lover! On my wish list is the box grater with tray (including a grater, cutter, shredder, & slicer) & a couple of paraflexx ultra silicone dehydrator sheets.

Raw Food Appliances make a very Gracious Gift:
For someone who likes making smoothies the Blendtec blender is the way to go. It automatically varies the speed for smoothies to help the contents to fall down into the blades. The Excalibur dehydrators are great for those creative dishes and for drying your herbs, fruits and veggies for storage. Juicers are an excellent gift… for awesome health & nourishment. However, juicers are personal and you should consult the person you are buying for to find out what style they would like. You should consider this an investment, not only in your health, but these appliances last many years. My husband purchased a Champion juicer in the mid 1980’s…it has gotten lots of use over all those years and still “runs like a champ", that's 25 years of service -- amazing ;).

For the person on the go or with babies, the Blendtec personal blender is the way to go. It is great for small portions, such as making baby food purees, or a smoothie to go with its own to go cup/containers. Ceramic knifes are also a special treat for the private chef in your life - another great investment that will last many years.

Hostess Gifts / Party Contributions:
A dried fruit mix or trail mix is a welcomed treat to any party. For years I’ve been bringing the Peruvian black dried Botija olives to parties and they are always a hit… available with sea salt, herbs or aji spice.

Gift Certificates:
If still you are at a loss and you know someone into healthy living, then a Gift Certificate to Natural Zing is always a welcomed gift. They are available in denominations of $25, $50, & $100.

Happy Holidays! Wishing you excellent health! Love, Natural Zing!