Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nominate Natural Zing for Best of Raw 2010

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Natural Zing's overview:
  • The best source for high quality raw vegan food
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  • Knowledgeable staff (three decades of experience in the raw food life style)
  • Fast delivery (next day delivery for most of east coast)
  • Natural Zing is a Green Business, including a solar powered warehouse and wind powered offices.
  • Supporting small organic farmers in the US and indigenous communities in the rainforest, Tibet, etc.
  • Natural Zing donates 1% of sales goes to sustainable agriculture projects.
  • Trusted source of raw vegan food since 2003.
  • Raw foodist own and operated.  Natural Zing has the same owner and President who founded Natural Zing in 2003.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rustic Raw Butterbella Lasagna

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I'm celebrating early with this yummy raw dish. It's easy to make and less stressful than cooking a huge feast. It's my Rustic Raw Butterbella Lasagna.

Leave it to me to give it a confusing name. "Butter" refers to butternut squash "noodles," while "bella" lets you know there's portabella mushrooms in there, too.

I'd share the exact recipe with you, if I took the time to measure everything out perfectly. But that's the beauty of this dish; you can make as much or as little as you like, and you don't have to stress about following a recipe to a tee.

Here's a play-by-play of how I put mine together. First, I soaked some raw cashews from Natural Zing overnight. Then, I drained them and blended them until smooth with some filtered water (maybe about half as much water as cashews), a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a dash of sea salt.

To add some more flavor and texture to the "cream" sauce, I stirred in crumbled up "cheesey" kale chips, and set the mixture aside to thicken.

The mushrooms were marinated in a simple combination of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, poultry seasoning, sea salt, cayenne pepper and fresh herbs, which included rosemary, sage and thyme.

While the mushrooms soaked up the marinade, I cut extremely thin "lasagna noodles" out of butternut squash using this awesome mandolin (you may remember me mentioning it in this past post). I can't imagine being able to get the slices this thin and pliable with just a knife.

The "noodles" were lightly salted before being introduced to the rest of the ingredients. Now, let the layering begin.

I always start with a smear of sauce to help glue everything to the bottom of the pan. It was just something my mom taught me with the cooked version. Then, put down the first layer of butternut "noodles."

Top the noodles with more "cream" sauce and some thick marinated portabella slices. Feel free to fill in the gaps with more sauce.

Then, cover the mushrooms/sauce with another layer of "noodles," and repeat with more mushrooms, sauce and a top layer of "noodles."

Brush the top with the leftover mushroom marinade and garnish with fresh herbs.

Allow to set in fridge until ready to serve, if you like that leftover cold lasagna feel (I always liked the leftovers the best, straight from the refrigerator), or warm slightly in your dehydrator. Yum!

But what about the turkey?

Here's my solution: building one out of fruits and veggies makes a lovely centerpiece, like this "Turkfruity." The best part is the fact that it's edible and good for you, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Shannonmarie, a.k.a. "Rawdorable," also posts on her blog of the same name,

Monday, November 15, 2010

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Specials at Natural Zing

Specials are on until Nov 30, 2010.

Camu Camu 100g - $15.00
Camu Camu whole fruit powder is harvested from the edge of the Brazilian and Peruvian rainforests. Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a native bush to the South American rainforest. It is high in vitamin C.  More detail.

Chia Seeds (Raw, Organic) 24 oz - $12.00

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt (Coarse) 1 lb - $5.00 (Over 50% off reg. price)
This is a very course grind of the large crystals of Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt. The salt crystals come in various shades from colorless and transparent but usually from pink to dark rose. It is a holistic, natural form of salt crystals, pure living salt. The salt was subject to tremendous pressure when the Himalayan Mountains formed. The crystals have ocean ora locked within and can be readily and easily absorbed and metabolized by your body. More details.

Jungle Peanuts 8 oz - $4.99
Jungle Peanuts 4 lb - $24.00 (Over 50% off reg. price)
Jungle Peanuts (Raw, Organic) 4 lb. Also called tropical almonds, these peanuts are a non-hybridized, toxin free peanut from the rainforest. They are an original heirloom variety provided by the Shuar indigenous people. Sale of this product benefits their tribe of 4300 people.

Lemon Grass, Fine Milled (Raw, Organic) 4 oz - $3.00 (50% off reg. price)
Lemon Grass is an essential ingredient in many Asian and Thai style dishes. It has an intriguing, lemony flavor, but without the bite that lemons have. It taste is refreshing and light, with a hint of ginger.  Use as a spice in Asian, Indian and Thai style dishes.

Pau d’Arco, Tea Cut, 100g (Raw, Wildcrafted) - $10.90
Cold and flu season is upon us.  Do not be out of this essential tea. Pau d'Arco is the only tree in the rainforest that doesn't have fungus growing on it. It is an incredible herb with many beneficial qualities.  More details.

Purple Corn Kernels 16 oz - $5.99
Organic Heirloom Purple corn kernels, a purple food! Make your own Blue Corn chips, just grind these in a coffee bean grinder and mix with some spices and ground flax. Add sesame seeds for a great added flavor treat. Goes great with Cacao Salsa. More details including Purple Corn Chip Recipe.